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The 7 steps of applying inner coordinates - Guide



Once you have determined that the Best Life method is the right approach for your self development, you can follow these 7 steps as a guide.



  1 The first step in your Best Life agreement is to build momentum. You have to give your Best Life goal consistent attention and awareness. It is fundamental to gradually  program your mind.
The next step is to understand our Best Life Plan thoroughly. The bottom line is to strengthen the understanding that the inner coordinates lead you to the formulated Best Life Goal. It is important to know exactly when the life goal can be achieved. Check if your Best Life Goal can be formulated in this way. Otherwise keep adjusting until the goal is formulated correctly. 2  
  3 Dedicate yourself to focusing on the 3 abilities as the next step. These validate your everyday decision making in tune with your Best Life Goal.
Put the 3 abilities into practice every day as an ongoing exercise. Check the decisions you make every time. Keep modifying them so that they lead to your Best Life Goal. Keep the 10,000 hours rule in mind. It is better to start right away. 4  
  5 Align the 3 abilities with your Best Life Plan as an ongoing self-development. It is important to increase your level of self-responsibility, meaning your ability to respond. Use your awareness to filter your actions and decisions. Increase your commitment to your goal. Your responsibility to your Best Life Agreement will increase gradually.
Use the 3 abilities to change your behavior in a playful matter which is finally possible after all the step you’ve already taken. It is also possible that you can apply the 3 abilities to other areas of interest that have nothing to do with your Best Life goal. 6

Mastering the 3 abilities becomes a important theme in your life. Dedicating time to this part of your self-development becomes joyful. You notice that you will see potential difficulties and frustrations as opportunities to learn. Mastering the 3 abilities gives you joy. You suddenly give yourself more permission to free yourself up for the things you love most.

Spread the 3 abilities as a "master" to others as a last step. Do this by displaying them in day-to-day events instead of spreading it as a teacher. You will see all kinds of things from a broader perspective. 7 In a natural way you will start applying your abilities to other areas of life or business. Increasing other abilities is key for future growth. Not only will it be enjoyable to expand on your talents, but you’ll also experience new ways to further your other abilities. It is basically a never-ending process but one of the most rewarding parts is that you enjoy and appreciate your Best Life awareness in simple day-to-day encounters.


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