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Enter 3 numbers for your inner coordinates




You can calculate your inner coordinates like a route planner in a GPS system.
The set of coordinates is just a tool to make your trip easier.

The principle of the inner coordinates is the same as a route for a car trip.
They are the coordinates for your Awareness-system.

You still have to take action to reach your Best Life goal. You still have to get in the car in order to
follow the GPS route; so in order to reach you Best Life destination it requires various actions.




Calculate inner coordinates





Here you find some navigation. It is aimed at calculating your inner coordinates. Follow the next steps:



1 Concentrate on you Best Life goal for a few minutes
2 Breath in and out deeply multiple times
3 Open up your mind to the numbers 1-41
4 Enter the 3 numbers that come to mind









ENTER 3 NUMBERS (1 - 41)

1st number
2nd number
3rd number
Click on convert to Link the numbers to your inner coordinates
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