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Below you can find an overview of the benefits of the e-navigator, that we call features. It may build
your interest gradually. Important tools for self-development towards life and business matters.



Feature 1

The e-navigator is a unique, effective and valuable tool. Are you looking for particular solutions for day-to-day life events.

The Best Life e-navigator is an effective tool, easy to access on the internet and easy to use.
Just enter your goal that will lead to you reward (a Best Life future) and get the linked inner coordinates to support
the process of your self-development like participating in a treasure hunt.
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The goal of using the e-navigator is to ultimately master a simple technique that needs to be practiced consistently.
You will learn to prioritize your Best Life Plan in your awareness as an (inner) software program.
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Feature 2

The e-navigator has various options and functions. An option is something that is or can be chosen.

The purpose of the e-navigator is to choose the Best Life goal for you - whatever that may be.

The key option is to enjoy the process towards your particular Best Life goal yourself and with others. To enjoy the process is a part of the decision making process, which is a functional element of the program.

You will eventually start to master fundamental skills, which are necessary to the process of Best Life planning and your treasure hunt. In the end you can expand these powerful skills within other areas of life.

The end goal of using the e-navigator is to get increased insight into the Best Life perspective .



Feature 3

The e-navigator includes particular topics that are shared and used by many people.
Share the Best Life plan with others such as family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
Focus on the Best Life goal to shape your life and life qualities as you like.

Ultimately, the e-navigator makes it possible to become a model for living your Best Life.

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