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SET GOALS - guide





This guide lists a do’s and don’ts to support the challenging process of setting goals.
This list shows what can be changed and what cannot be changed. It ensures that you keep focus
on things and situations that really can be changed.





1 Count only on yourself Do not count on something or someone else.
You can ask others for help but it is important to keep the power and responsibility yourself in order to reach a situation in which you and your goal are independent from outside influence.
2 Include deadlines Stop procrastinating.
Realize that your life is not never-ending. The key is that at some point our lives will end. Working with deadlines is very functional.
3 Put Yourself First Don’t act only to please others.
Helping others is wonderful. Helping is something different from doing something to pleasing others. It is simply not possible to please everyone.
4 Go your own way Do not compare yourself to others.
It is a waste of time and energy to compete with others. Life is not a competition.
5 Let things, thoughts and feelings go Do not hold on to things, feelings and thoughts.
Let go of particular situations and things such as old experiences toward ex-husband's, wife's, jobs, mistakes, bad decisions, insecurity etcetera.
6 Focus on what you want Do not care what others will think or do.
You cannot control other people. If you do, then other people have control over you.
7 Change yourself Do not try to change the world.
Change yourself first. Be a role model, and then you can gradually change the world around you.
8 Be proud of who you are Do not forget who you are.
Everyone is unique, and at the same time we are all the same. Be proud who you are.
9 Share things Do not focus on owning things or others.
In the end we can only use and share our life experiences.
10 Focus on new creations or experiences Do not focus on replacing something or someone.
Use the experiences that you have towards something or someone to create a new healthy situation.
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