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A feature of the e-navigator is the combination of a set of inner coordinates and any objective such as your Best Life goal to give your self-development (more) meaning and direction.

Meaning and direction are two basic elements to make life easier for you. This is the ultimate aim of the Best Life e-navigator.

Each event needs a particular of awareness in order to succeed in life, work or other projects.
The awareness will lead to self-development and growth.

Any event without a certain level of awareness is literally without control. Of course there are situations that simply cannot be controlled or changed. It is, however, possible to change how those situations are viewed.

To clarify, living without control can be very healthy as long as it brings you joy.

This Best Life approach is to support the process of linking the inner and outer aspects of life in any field.

In the end the inner coordinates are linked to the awareness system to achieve any goal you want.
Mind-power and creativity are combined, which takes place in a illogical yet powerful way.

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