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Best Life Plan versus Treasure hunt





Perhaps self-development with spiritual growth in mind was built to view life more lightly aimed at reaching the highest form of self-confidence.

This approach resembles a sort of “treasure hunt”. This is played by children and adults all over the world. A treasure hunt is a game in which someone designs a trail and puts a reward at the end. The track can
be marked with stones, branches, balloons, cloths, papers on trees, or other marks.

The reward can consist of different things, dependent on the age of the players. It is just like when life leads to a reward often defined as retirement after a life of work, health or the best job, business, relationship etc.

Life consists of multiple "treasure hunts”. Every faces all kinds of signs and challenges (daily). The reward can often be translated as a “feeling”, such as Fear or Love. Everything in between is a derivative of one of those feelings.

The kind of feelings that someone experiences depends mainly on their “awareness-level” and how this influences the way they view the “treasure hunt” that is life.

The “treasure hunts” in life can be found in different categories: work, business, finance, health, family, relationships and other projects and topics. Life offers all kinds of (cryptic) descriptions that lead to the ultimate treasure (Best Life).

The e-navigator is aimed at helping you with the search for your Best Life and to help you define the rewards.

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